Since January 1 2014, Downey has exhibited almost constantly and has been a finalist in several art prizes in SA and interstate. She has paintings in public spaces, at Flinders University, Two Sisters Food & Wine, and in several barristers’ chambers. Sophie has developed a remarkable ability to draw and paint from life extremely quickly, thus distinguishing her from other artists. 

She also paints to music in a way that seems to pick up on the beat. Give her the saxophone and she’ll play you what the band is playing and take her own solo.  

This is the where her work is heading. “Pushing art and music to the limits of my ability has given me a new drive in life. I see and hear things differently. I have come to terms with the darkness in my life and see it as a friend. 

My compassion for unsung heroes, people who have suffered or have shown courage in the face of  adversity, has survived the law.” Downey is frank about her limitations. Epilepsy, self doubt, time management issues, anxiety about wasting my mother’s legacy, are flaws she readily admits.